TweetItBot is a Telegram Bot, and it is part of 100 Best Telegram Bots..

@TweetItBot is a @Telegram bot that acts as Twitter client.

I will tweet anything you send me (including photos, videos, stickers and gifs).

You can use inline buttons to reply, retweet, like or delete tweets. There are lots of other /commands too.

I also support Telegram’s inline bots feature: type @TweetItBot anywhere to search tweets.

Do you want to receive mention notifications? Try /startstream.

Send /start to start tweeting 🙂 0

List of assigned commands

/start - Log in using Twitter

/startstream - Start receiving mention notifications

/stopstream - Stop receiving mention notifications

/starttimeline - Start receiving timeline tweets

/stoptimeline - Stop receiving timeline tweets

/tweet - Learn how to tweet

/search - Learn how to search tweets

/delete - Delete a tweet

/retweet - Retweet a tweet

/unretweet - Unretweet a tweet

/like - Like a tweet

/unlike - Unlike a tweet

/follow - Follow a user

/unfollow - Unfollow a user

/mute - Mute a user

/unmute - Unmute a user

/block - Block a user

/unblock - Unblock a user

/gettweet - Get a tweet

/gettweets - Get up to 10 tweets from a given user

/gettimeline - Get up to 10 timeline tweets

/getmentions - Get up to 10 mentions

/showlists - Show all lists you are subscribed to

/getlist - Get up to 10 tweets from a given list

/addcaption - Add caption to your next gif/photo/sticker/video

/cancel - Cancel current command

/commands - List available commands

/help - Get help

/donate - Learn how to make a donation

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