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With this bot you can use IFTTT to link your Telegram groups or channels to more than 360 other services like Twitter and Instagram, or connected devices like Hue lights and Nest. – Import text, photos, music, or videos from other services to your Telegram group or channel. – Trigger events outside of Telegram by […]

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@TweetItBot is a @Telegram bot that acts as Twitter client. I will tweet anything you send me (including photos, videos, stickers and gifs). You can use inline buttons to reply, retweet, like or delete tweets. There are lots of other /commands too. I also support Telegram’s inline bots feature: type @TweetItBot anywhere to search tweets. […]

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Use this bot to try out the new Telegram Payments without actually paying anything. The Shop Bot can send you an invoice for a time machine, request shipping and billing info, and accept a test payment. Real cards won’t work here, use the test number 4242 4242 4242 4242 instead.

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Paste link IG kamu ke sini. Bisa untuk IG post: foto & video Juga IG stories & reel.

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A simple Link to telegram file or media uploader bot with permanent thumbnail support. ❤️ Made by @VKPROJECTS

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This bot can copy text from photos.

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Kirim link youtube kamu ke sini, saya akan convert ke format mp3 kwalitas terbaik👌

100 Best Telegram Bots, Mp3, Youtube

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