BotFather is a Telegram Bot, and it is part of Top 100 Bots..

BotFather is the one bot to rule them all. Use it to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.

About Telegram bots:
Bot API manual:

Contact @BotSupport if you have questions about the Bot API. 0

List of assigned commands

/newbot - create a new bot

/mybots - edit your bots [beta]

/mygames - edit your games [beta]

/token - generate authorization token

/revoke - revoke bot access token

/setname - change a bot's name

/setdescription - change bot description

/setabouttext - change bot about info

/setuserpic - change bot profile photo

/setinline - change inline settings

/setinlinegeo - toggle inline location requests

/setinlinefeedback - change inline feedback settings

/setcommands - change bot commands list

/setjoingroups - can your bot be added to groups?

/setdomain - link website's domain to the bot

/setprivacy - what messages does your bot see in groups?

/deletebot - delete a bot

/newgame - create a new game

/listgames - get a list of your games

/editgame - edit a game

/deletegame - delete an existing game

/cancel - cancel the current operation

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