animewaifu_bot is a Telegram Bot, and it is part of Top 100 Bots..

type /help to get list of commands, AnimeCharacter Bot is a bot that generates random anime character pictures. 0

List of assigned commands

/start - changed to /help

/help - to get list of commands

/helpid - to get /help with indonesia language

/waifu - to get anime waifu pictures

/loli - to get anime loli pictures

/random - to get random waifu/loli/husbu pictures (include more pictures)

/contactus - to contact owner

/husbu - to get anime husbu (husband)

/group - get bot official group link

/trap - to get anims trap pictures

/kodenuklir - to get random nuclear code (18+)

/rate - to rate the bot

/rp - to make bot send anime pictures with text

/otherbots - other bot creation

/yaoi - to get anime yaoi (gay/bl) pictures (only kissing)

/promotebot - to promote your own bots

/japanmusic - to get random japan/anime music audio

/yuri - to get random anime yuri (lesbie) pictures (still under development so there are not much picture)

/shota - to get random anime shota pictures

/donasi - to donate the bot creator

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